Monday, August 27, 2012

New email address and payment reminder

Hey, everybody!

When I moved, I had to change Internet providers, so that means I had to get a new email address.  Our new studio email address is  Please make sure to add it to your address books so it won't go into spam!

Also, just a few reminders:

Please remember that lesson payments are due on the first lesson of the month.  If payment has not been received by the second lesson of the month, a $5 late fee will be applied.  I haven't applied the late fee for students this month since it was the first month of the lesson year, but in September, the late fee will be applied to all late payments.

Also, if you are wanting to pay for the whole year of lessons and take advantage of the 10% off opportunity (which equals one month of free lessons!), this offer will end on September 1st.

See you all soon!

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